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Grow your plants bigger, better,
stronger, faster and healthier

in any season with Heat 'n' Grow heated propagation trays and accessories.

A must for hydroponic growers and serious gardeners.

H E A T E D   P R O P A G A T I O N   S Y S T E M S

  Heated propagation - the secret of the professionals
You now have access to the secret known by the professionals for years.  By using bottom heat propagation systems, you'll have the benefit of controlled growing conditions.  This promotes faster and healthier growth, and the opportunity to grow exotic plants, flowers, herbs and cacti all year round.

Ideal for cloning and hydroponics
The Heat 'n' Grow Systems are equally successful with soil and hydroponic based gardening, making them the ideal solution for propagation & cloning.

Low operating costs
All Heat 'n' Grow Propagation Systems use a high-tech carbon plastic element.  This breakthrough in technology ensures that you enjoy very low operating costs, from less than 1 cent per hour.

Control at your fingertips
Some models come with built in 0-40C thermostat.  So it's as easy as turning the dial to achieve exact temperature control.  The high-tech heating element guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant.

Four models to suit your needs
With 4 different models to choose from, you can be sure that there is an ideal propagation unit to suit your needs and budget.  Models are available from a single tray, to a 4 unit tray.

P R O P A G A T I O N   A C C E S S O R I E S

Clear top
The Heat 'n' Grow clear top is a plastic cover which can be used in conjunction with the heated propagation trays, or independently.  The clear top creates a mini-greenhouse effect, achieving great propagating results.

Seedling and drip trays
Both trays are sized to fit the Heat 'n' Grow clear tops and heated propagation trays.  By combining these accessories, you will enjoy a professional yet low cost approach to all of your growing needs.

Heat 'n' Grow model, THAT040 thermostat is designed to ensure constant temperature control of growing medium. Temperature range can be set from 0-40C and a remote sensing probe is included.